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About Our Shrewsbury, MA Location

John Deere Construction Equipment

John Deere is a trusted name in construction equipment, offering a comprehensive range of machinery tailored to the needs of contractors and construction professionals. From robust excavators capable of tackling the toughest digging tasks to versatile loaders ideal for material handling on job sites, John Deere equipment is engineered for reliability, efficiency, and performance. As Shrewsbury’s official John Deere construction equipment dealer, we offer their complete catalog for sale including excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, and more.

Wirtgen Road Building Equipment

Wirtgen leads the industry in road construction equipment, providing innovative solutions for paving and milling applications. Their cold milling machines are renowned for their precision and efficiency in removing old asphalt layers, while their asphalt pavers ensure smooth and durable road surfaces. With a focus on quality and technological advancements, Wirtgen equipment sets the standard for road construction worldwide. Contact us today for Wirtgen pavers, spreaders and more.

Kleemann Crushers & Screeners

Kleemann stands out as a premier manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, catering to the demanding requirements of the quarrying and mining industries. Their crushers and screens are designed for maximum productivity and reliability, enabling operators to process various materials efficiently while maintaining high-quality output. Kleemann's commitment to innovation and performance makes them a preferred choice for crushing and screening operations globally. Contact us today to find the right crusher and screener for your business.

Hamm Compaction Equipment

Hamm specializes in compaction equipment, offering a wide range of rollers and compactors designed to meet the diverse needs of road construction projects. Whether it's compacting soil, gravel, or asphalt, Hamm rollers ensure uniform compaction and excellent surface quality. With advanced features and ergonomic designs, Hamm equipment enhances productivity and ensures the longevity of road infrastructure. Reach out today to find the right roller and compactor for your operation.

Vogele Paving Equipment

Vogele is a leading manufacturer of paving equipment, providing innovative solutions for laying asphalt and achieving precise surface finishes. Their pavers are known for their versatility, accuracy, and reliability, making them the preferred choice for road construction projects of all sizes. Vogele's commitment to quality and performance helps contractors achieve superior results and maximize efficiency on every job. Find the pavers and screeds your road building business needs by contacting us today.

Ditch Witch Trenching Equipment

Ditch Witch is a pioneer in underground construction equipment, offering a comprehensive range of trenchers, directional drills, and utility vehicles. Whether it's installing underground utilities, laying fiber optic cables, or trenching for irrigation systems, Ditch Witch equipment provides the precision and efficiency needed to get the job done right. With a focus on durability, versatility, and ease of use, Ditch Witch remains a trusted partner for contractors in the underground construction industry. Contact us today to find the trenching equipment your business needs for utilities work.

Shrewsbury Construction & Road Building Equipment Rentals

For contractors and construction companies in need of reliable equipment without the commitment of ownership, rentals for construction and road building equipment made by manufacturers like John Deere, Wirtgen, Kleemann, Hamm, Vogele, and Ditch Witch offer a flexible solution. With a diverse selection of machinery available for short or long-term rental, clients can access top-quality equipment tailored to their specific project requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency without the upfront investment costs. Availability is limited, so contact us today to secure your equipment rental.

Replacement Parts For Construction & Road Building Equipment

To keep construction and road building equipment operating at peak performance, replacement parts made by manufacturers such as John Deere, Wirtgen, Kleemann, Hamm, Vogele, and Ditch Witch are essential. Whether it's a worn-out component on an excavator, a damaged part on a milling machine, or a worn track on a trencher, genuine replacement parts ensure compatibility, reliability, and longevity. By using authentic parts, operators can minimize downtime, maximize equipment lifespan, and maintain optimal performance on job sites. Contact us to find the replacement parts you need to keep your equipment operating its best.

Construction & Road Building Equipment Service

Service for construction and road building equipment made by manufacturers like John Deere, Wirtgen, Kleemann, Hamm, Vogele, and Ditch Witch is crucial for ensuring equipment reliability, safety, and efficiency. From routine maintenance and inspections to troubleshooting and repairs, authorized service centers offer comprehensive support to keep equipment running smoothly. Factory-trained technicians equipped with specialized tools and diagnostic equipment can address issues promptly, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment performance to meet project deadlines effectively. Minimize downtime by contacting us to get on a planned maintenance program with us today.

JD Link & Precision Construction Technology Solutions

JD Link and other technology solutions for construction and road building equipment made by manufacturers such as John Deere, Wirtgen, Kleemann, Hamm, Vogele, and Ditch Witch provide valuable insights and capabilities to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety on job sites. JD Link, John Deere's telematics system, enables remote monitoring of equipment performance, location tracking, maintenance alerts, and utilization reporting, allowing fleet managers to optimize equipment usage and reduce operating costs. Similarly, technology solutions from other manufacturers offer features like machine control systems, GPS guidance, and fleet management software, empowering contractors to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and maximize ROI on their equipment investments.




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